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Velcro Ties -

Velcro Ties
Technical Specification
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Hook & Loop cable ties.

A safe, secure and re-usable alternative to traditional plastic cable ties.

These ties are made up of low profile VELCRO® brand hook and low profile VELCRO® brand velour loop bonded back to back making a very slim wrap-around fastener - they are incredibly versatile and easy to use, simply wrap around the items you want to secure and when the ONE-WRAP® tape overlaps itself it will grip to create a reusable fastening with excellent sheer strength that remains easy to peel open. For added fastening security or to allow the ties to be attached to a fixed point  these ties have a cut-out slot in the head for the tail end of the tie to be fed through.

Colour: Black

Pack: 10.



Part Number Description Size Pack Qty
VELCRO Hook & Eye Velcro 20mm x 4.6m 5m
VELCRO150 Hook & Loop cable tie 150mm x 13mm 10
VELCRO200 Hook & Loop cable tie 200mm x 13mm 10