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RFS Feeder Grounding Kits -

RFS Feeder Grounding Kits
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This Grounding Kit has been developed by RFS for the CELLFLEX® cable series. The Grounding Kit body facilitates a proper attachment to the coaxial cable, ensuring that the performance of the coaxial cable is not being compromised. The tin plated copper mesh provides a secure, low resistance contact to the cable outer conductor. The installation only takes a few minutes. No additional sealing with mastic and electrical tape required.



Part Number  Feeder Size  Feeder Ref Description Pack Qty Box Qty
GKSPEED20-12P 1/2" LCF12-50 RFS - 1/2" Grounding kit (GKSPEED20-12P) 1 10
GKSPEED20-78P 7/8" LCF78-50 RFS - 7/8" Grounding kit (GKSPEED20-78P) 1 10
GKSPEED20-114P 1-1/4" LCF114-50 RFS - 1 1/4" Grounding kit (GKSPEED20-114P) 1 10
GKSPEED20-158P 1-5/8" LCF158-50 RFS - 1 5/8" Grounding kit (GKSPEED20-158P) 1 10