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Wedge Kits & Stayplates
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The Roxtec wedge is the compression unit for the frames of the Roxtec product line Regular. The Roxtec Wedge is a highly efficient compression unit, which saves valuable installation time both when it comes to installation and re-installation of the Roxtec sealing system. The complete compression unit consists of only one piece which, by turning the screws in the front, both compresses and decompresses the wedge.

Stayplates are placed between each row of modules to anchor them axially in the frame. Available in 120 millimetre and 60 millimetre (4.724" und 2.362") width.

 Download technical spec 

 Download technical spec  



Part Number Steel Type Ext Dim (mm) Weight (kg) Box Qty
Wedge 60 Galvanised 60 0.4 1
Wedge 120 Galvanised 120 0.8 1
Wedge Kit* Galvanised 120 1.5 1
Stayplate 120 Galvanised 120 0.1 1
Stayplate 60 Galvanised 60 0.06 1
Stayplate 120 AISI 316 Stainless Steel 120 0.1 1
Stayplate 60 AISI 316 Stainless Steel 60 0.06 1
* Wedge Kit Galv includes: one Roxtec Wedge 120, five stayplates, one wedge clip, one lubricant and installation instructions