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Solid Modules
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Product image
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The Roxtec modules are used together with a frame and a compression unit. As an innovator with focus on functionality, Roxtec has invented a unique time-saving compression unit that makes retrofits possible. The end result is an optimum sealing solution for any application.

These can be purchased individually.

As well as solid modules, we stock multi diameter modules with a solid centre core. Until removed for a cable or pipe the core makes the module serve as a spare block, thus eliminating the need for separate "solid" blocks.

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Solid Modules

Roxtec Reference External Dimensions (mm) Ext Dim (mm) Box Quantity
RM 5/0 x24 5x20 5x20 24
RM 10/0 x12 10x120 10x120 12
RM 15/0 15x15 15x15 64
RM 20/0 20x20 20x20 36
RM 30/0 30x30 30x30 16
RM 40/0 40x40 40x40 9
RM 60/0 60x60 60x60 4