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RETD Cable Assembly - 5m -

RETD Cable Assembly - 5m
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Remote Electrical Tilt (RET) Multiwire Power Supply and Control Cable

This AISG multiwire cable is used to connect the Remote Radio Unit with the Remote Control Unit and to transmit the base station signals for controlling the RET antenna and offers protection to IP67.

Variations on the D-sub connector are used depending on OEM interconnect. Variation 1 (RETD/) uses a rectangular formed o-ring to create the IP67 seal, which seals directly against the mating half. Variation 2 (RETK/) uses a skirt to create the IP67 seal to allow for a raised mating half.

Cable type: 1 x Twisted Pair 0.25mm², 2 x Power Cores and 1 Ground Core 0.75mm². Outer sheath in black PUR with overall diameter 8mm. Halogen free, flame retardant and UV stable. Connector style: 8 Pin female connector according to IEC 60130-9 to 9 way D Sub waterproof male connector. Fully soldered contacts. All connectors are UL94V-0.


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Specification of Terminated RETD/ or RETK/ assemblies
- Rated Current 5A
- Temperature Range -40°C to +80°C
- Protection Class IP67 mated
- Overall Cable Diameter 8mm
- Minimum Bending Radius 60mm (single) 120mm (repeat)
- Flammability Halogen Free, Flame Retardant
- Relative Humidity Up to 100%