Graphicshow Cable Accessories (GCA) Ltd specialise in a patented range of Clamps, Cleats and Rubber bungs specifically designed for the cellular range of feeder cables: Foam filled, Air Spaced, Eliptical Waveguides, Fibre, DC power and many other cables used in radio transmitting & electrical installations.

GCA Ltd offers a range of cable clamp installation accessories including Stainless Steel Studding, Nuts, Flats and Washers, flat iron beam clamps and BPA tower leg adaptors. We are also a distributor of Roxtec Sealing Solutions, Hellermann tip tags, RFS Feeder Connectors & Jumpers, Telegartner Jumpers, Mafi Antenna Mounting Systems, Power & Earth Cables, Cable Ties, Weatherproofing tapes & GCA Boots,  Hose Clips and a wide range of Lightning protection accessories used on Cellular Telecom Towers.

GCA Ltd is proud of its NEXT DAY DELIVERY SERVICE with over 2000+ products held on the shelf to service our customers urgent requirements. Our order cut-off for next day delivery is 3pm, but please call if you have any urgent last minute requirements and we will do our best to assist you.  

We offer the following services as well as our extensive product portfolio:

  • Site kits - delivered next day to your stores, labelled with site references.
  • Site Delivery - with our bespoke site delivery courier for a guaranteed service (POA).
  • Project kit boxes - tailored project kits designed to reduce waste and time during rollouts.

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