About GCA Ltd

Founded in 1998, Graphicshow Cable Accessories (GCA) Ltd is now a unique 'One-Stop-Shop' for clamps, cleats and other cellular tower rigging accessories. GCA Ltd has built its strong reputation on choice, reliability and service. It manufactures a patented range of clamps, cleats and other registered design products as well as stocking a wide range of consumables suitable for the cellular telecoms market.


GCA Ltd recognised the need for a plastic manufacturer to design items that were specifically required for the cellular and radio transmitting industry. To this end, it has developed probably the largest range of patented single and double clamps, cleats and inserts available in the UK. These cleats are approved and currently used by all UK major network operators including O2, Vodafone & EE. GCA Ltd is also proud of its partnerships with the main UK telecommunications operators and has developed further innovative products designed to clamp the new evolution of LTE fibre and hybrid cables along with standard heliax foam filled cables. 




GCA Ltd hold large stocks to provide a NEXT DAY delivery service to all its UK customers. Delivery is FREE for orders over £100 to your stores/warehouse address, with any smaller orders incurring a £10.00 administration and delivery charge. GCA Ltd also offers a dedicated courier service for site deliveries, pricing available on application. GCA Ltd prides itself on its delivery promise & customer service and will continue to provide this in the future.

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