4.3-10 to NEX10 SCF

RFS 1/4" SCF 4.3-10 M to NEX10 M

RFS 1/4" SCF 4.3-10 M to NEX10 M -

RFS 1/4
Technical Specification
Data Chart

RFS CELLFLEX® Factory-Fit Premium Jumper Assembly, 1/4" Superflexible Foam Cable

4.3-10 Male ST to NEX10 Male ST


  • Stable premium VSWR supporting up to 6GHz, consistent intermodulation performance - not relying on coupling torque 
  • Outstanding PIM Performance 
  • Waterproof to IP68 
  • Smaller connector footprint for 4.3-10 and NEX10 
  • Compliant to RoHS (EU) and CRoHS (China) 
  • Available in 2,3 & 5 metre lengths
  • 1/4" Cellflex Superflex Cable 

Radio Frequency Systems' CELLFLEX® Factory-Fit Jumpers feature specially designed connectors which are soldered-on in a strictly controlled industrial process to ensure industry leading performance for today's high performance wireless systems. The connector design and manufacturing process has been optimized to produce premium VSWR and IM levels. Injection moulded boots provide reliable and repeatable additional sealing level and strain relief. 

Download technical spec 


Part Number Length (m) Colour Feeder Ref Jumper Type  Outer 
Clamp to
Pack Qty 
43MNXMS14-0200FFP 2 Black SCF14-50J   4.3-10M ST to NEX10 M ST  7.8  DW0075 1
43MNXMS14-0300FFP 3 Black SCF14-50J  4.3-10M ST to NEX10 M ST  7.8  DW0075 1
43MNXMS14-0500FFP 5 Black SCF14-50J 4.3-10M ST to NEX10 M ST   7.8  DW0075 1


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