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2702 Scapa PVC Tape -

2702 Scapa PVC Tape
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Scapa 2702 is a 0.13mm premium quality, electrical self-extinguishing soft PVC tape that uses an aggressive
pressure sensitive rubber-based adhesive system. It has been designed for use where a recognised specification or international standard is required and where environmental safety is a concern.


  •  Primary electrical insulation
  •  Protection for low and medium voltage cable splices
  •  Colour coding
  •  Industrial applications
  •  Used for electrical cables wrapping in automotive application


  •  Good resistance to abrasion, corrosion and moisture
  •  High dielectric strength and good mechanical protection
  •  Environmentally friendly technology
  •  Approved by IMQ, VDE, ÖVE
  •  Conforms to BS3924
  •  Conforms to European Directive 2000/53 EC (lead, chromium VI, mercury, cadmium free)
  •  Service temperature: 0°C to + 90°C

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Part Number Colour Brand Type Length (m) Width (mm) Pack Qty Box Qty
2702PVC19BK Black Scapa PVC 33 19 10 48
2702PVC38BK Black Scapa PVC 33 38 10 24
2702PVC50BK Black Scapa PVC 33 50 10 18



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